The history

La costruzione del Crotto risale a più di cento anni fa, fu infatti fondato nel 1870.
Il primo proprietario sig. Taiana, faceva il muratore e decise di sopraelevare lo stabile adibendo il piano superiore ad abitazione per villeggianti stagionali fino al 1925. Il locale divenne ben presto un punto di ritrovo di residenti, contadini, buongustai e viaggiatori.Successivamente il Crotto fu venduto al sig. Colombo che insieme al figlio ampliò ulteriormente la struttura. Dal 1978 sino ad oggi la gestione è stata assunta dai due soci valtellinesi che portano avanti con passione ed attenzione la centenaria storia gastronomica del Crotto del lupo in collaborazione con GM Gastronomic Group.

The place

Located on the Cardina hill and immersed in a suggestive green setting, the Crotto is easily accessible from both Italy and Switzerland. The area is considered one of the most beautiful "Larian Walks" in the Como mountains. A balcony on Lake Como where shade, good air, tranquility and breathtaking views make it a corner of peace and relaxation for all visitors.

The Crotto

The restaurant offers to its guests a large, recently refurbished flowered terrace which, in the hot season, allows you to taste the dishes while enjoying the fresh climate and the scents of the surrounding woods. Internally the restaurant is composed of three cozy dining rooms furnished in a rustic style. The main room can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people and it has a very impressive stone fireplace. Last but not least, you cannot miss the traditional stone cellar typical of the Crotto where, thanks to the constant temperature, the precious wines and cheeses of the Valtellina are kept. The Crotto del lupo is ideal for business dinners and lunches, birthdays, communions and for any other type of event.

The kitchen

Let yourself be conquered by the taste of tradition. In our restaurant togehter with typical Valtellina dishes you will find a selection of fish specialties. The best selection of local cold cuts, carpaccio, "sciatt", cheeses and porcini mushrooms. In addition to the traditional Valtellina pizzoccheri, the former also offer tagliatelle, risotto and the renowned "Chef little kisses" bignè filled with fontina, sauce with porcini mushrooms, cream and tomato. In the latter courses, the shin with baked potatoes could not be missing, a selection of meats cooked on "pioda", seasonal game and a selection of lake and sea fish. Homemade desserts will accompany you sweetly thanks to the refined and delicate flavors. The menu proposals are constantly updated based on the seasonality of the products.

The cellar

What's better than a real stone cellar to store wine. Thanks to the constant humidity in all seasons, this environment allows you to keep all the organoleptic properties of the grapes intact, always guaranteeing a very high level of wine tasting. Come and discover the uniqueness of our Valtellina wines accompanied by a wide selection of the best white and red wines from all the Italian regions.

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